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We currently employ individuals in the fields of Senior Community Management, Community Management, Accounting/Bookkeeping, Administrative Assistants and Onsite Community Management. As we grow, we are always looking for qualified people to fill positions. If you are interested in applying for a position please send an email to, or fax your resume to our office.


Senior Community Managers are the primary contact with Boards of Directors, Homeowners, and private contractors serving the association. This active position includes inspecting the assigned communities, initiating correspondence, assigning work orders and monitoring work, solicitation of bids, processing design review requests, preparation for and attending board meetings (usually in the evening), presentation of all financials, working hand-in-hand with an assigned community manager and/or an administrative assistant.

Community Managers have contact with Boards of Directors, Homeowners, and private contractors serving the association. The manager will handle homeowners calls, assign work orders, solicit bids, process design review requests, handle notices and violations, do financial data review. Competent computer skills and knowledge of the following programs would be helpful: Microsoft Word, Excel. Due to the high volume of correspondence it is necessary to have the ability to effectively communicate orally and in written forms.

Accountant/Bookkeepers provide full accounting services to a number of assigned associations. This includes accounts receivable, accounts payable, interaction with title companies, maintenance of checking/savings accounts, production of financial reports, follow up on delinquent accounts, and interaction with CPA's during audits and reviews.

different types of clerical positions. Some are clerical, involving: filing, routing, copying, and processing of mail/faxes in and out. Some are secretarial: receptionists, typing, processing of mailings, and other related functions. All of which require a competent and cheerful attitude.

Onsite Community Managers help to manage all the common elements pertaining to an association. This position is as diversified in duties as it is in location, placement from the suburbs to Downtown. Community Manager's help to enforce rules and regulations, supervise maintenance activities, and also know and abide by all governing documents. This position has maintained office hours and also the requirement of accessibility, by cell phone, all days of the week.

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